IP case law Court of Justice

Article 170a of the Rules of Procedure

1. In the situations referred to in the first and second paragraphs of Article
58a of the Statute, the appellant shall annex to the appeal a request that the
appeal be allowed to proceed, setting out the issue raised by the appeal that
is significant with respect to the unity, consistency or development of
European Union law and containing all the information necessary to enable
the Court of Justice to rule on that request. If there is no such request, the
Vice-President of the Court shall declare the appeal inadmissible.

13 appeals

Order of 18 Mar 2020, C-908/19 (European Food v EUIPO)

Order of 12 Mar 2020, C-893/19 (Roxtec v EUIPO)

Order of 3 Mar 2020, C-902/19 (Esim Chemicals v EUIPO)

Order of 3 Mar 2020, C-886/19 (Pink Lady America v CPVO)

Order of 11 Feb 2020, C-887/19 (Rutzinger-Kurpas v EUIPO)

Order of 6 Feb 2020, C-858/19 (NHS v EUIPO)

Order of 19 Dec 2019, C-715/19 (Guiral Broto v EUIPO)

Order of 20 Nov 2019, C-678/19 (Retail Royalty v Fashion Energy)

Order of 19 Nov 2019, C-660/19 (Nonnemacher v EUIPO)

Order of 5 Nov 2019, C-622/19 (Luz Saúde v EUIPO)

Order of 24 Oct 2019, C-614/19 (Porsche v EUIPO)

Order of 24 Oct 2019, C-613/19 (Porsche v EUIPO)

Order of 22 Oct 2019, C-582/19 (Holzer y Cia v EUIPO)